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The word Pelada (pronounced Pay-lah-dah) comes from Brazil and describes an informal game of soccer between friends.  Peladas are played everywhere, everyday, motivated by nothing more than love for the game.  

At Free Pelada Sundays there will be no coaching just players playing.  We feel this environment is a must for players to further there player development.  Players are free to express themselves to try new skills and play free from the structured team settings.  

Emerald City Futsal will offer Free Pelada Sundays through out the months of June and July.  These are open to any player boy or girl ages u7-18.  Please fill out the registration form below so we can notify you if we have to cancel for weather.  


Register Here:

Free Pelada Sunday Dates and Location:


Granby Elementary School

1490 Hard Rd, Columbus OH, 43235


June 11 (canceled)

June 18

June 25

July 2

July 9

July 16

July 23

July 30

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